Positive Promotions Ltd is a credited successful production company. In business since 1990, PPLTD, is an award winning television and broadcast media company. With over 22 years of solid experience in all phases of broadcast television, multi-media and live event production, this firm has successfully completed numerous local, state and federal government projects as well as corporate productions with Fortune 500 companies. Positive Promotions Ltd. is an SBA 8(a) graduate and SDB certified MBE, WOSB and graduate of the State of Georgia Governors Mentor’s Protégé Program. Positive Promotions Ltd was recently honored for Creative Business Style by the Atlanta Business League.

Positive Promotions Ltd. serves as the Executive Producer of the 2018 national documentary hit film: Unsolved History: Life Of a KING. Life of a King  chronicles the little known close relationship between Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his younger brother, Rev. Alfred Daniel King, (A.D).

The inaugural episode of our docu-series is a one hour television documentary:  Unsolved History:  Life of a King is narrated by Emmy Award Winning Newsman, Ed Gordon.  This ground breaking production aired in 2018, on 119 stations in 77 Broadcast Markets across the United States.  The 44 minute film explores unanswered questions surrounding Rev. A.D. King’s alleged “accidental drowning” just 15 months after the assassination of his brother, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The 50th Anniversary of Rev. A.D. King’s mysterious death is Summer – July  2019.

WATCH EXTENDED FILM TRAILER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UZDa5kshdG8

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Future Unsolved History documentary stories are currently in development.   We intend to reveal to our audiences, the untold, accurate truth of more than a dozen mysterious stories.