Positive Promotions LTD is happy to share with you some of the finest natural products from all over the world.

SHOP and experience WELLNESS!

MUTANA is an all-natural wellness and African imported goods shop located in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia. Run by the mother-daughter, Emile & Cynthia Foncha.

MUTANA continues to be a thriving epicenter of culture, celebrating various aspects of African heritage, and helping thousands of people by offering items that impact their lives each day.

Coffee & Tea
Essential Oils
Spiritual Supplies
Resins & Herbal Incense
Fragrance Oils
Hair Care
Feminine Care
Household Items

“We believe everyone shapes the culture of their life, every day. We strive to contribute where we can. Whether it is from our renowned Cameroon Boyo™ organic gourmet coffee to medicinal African herbs and spices, spiritual resins, clothing, collectables, and more; there is ​something in our store for everyone.”

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