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Meet one of the most influential women in the world! See and hear long forgotten footage of Mrs. Alberta Christine Williams King, Mother of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Learn who she was and how she lived, from family and close friends. Experience the details of her tragic death. Mother Of Kings – Take the Journey!

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Unsolved History Film

“Life Of A King”

In 2018 we released our Blockbuster project “Life Of A King”. This groundbreaking film features the life story of Rev. A.D. Williams King, and has aired on 77 USA broadcast television stations. We recently produced another powerhouse feature documentary film, “Mother of Kings“. By revealing Unsolved History, we intend to present to our audiences, the untold, accurate truth of numerous mysterious stories throughout history. Check out our revealing historically accurate project – Unsolved History “Life Of A King” at no cost to you

Read about how the ‘Life of a King’ documentary reveals additional, and brings a fresh new perspective on King brothers’ bond

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