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Atlanta Homicide – Season II

True Crime Mondays are back.  Atlanta Homicide, returning for a second season is scheduled to premiere in June 2019 as part of TV One’s television line-up. Veteran Atlanta Police Department homicide detectives David Quinn and Vince Velazquez have joined forces with TV-One to share some of the grittiest real-life murder investigations from the Atlanta files.  According to the officers, all of these cases have been adjudicated. 

Quinn matter of factly states in this series “I am gonna give you bits and pieces of my life story.  I’m about this and getting it done right.”  Both cops were partners and have years of street wise experience with lots of tough stories to share.  Velazquez is a 28 year veteran of the Atlanta police force and Quinn has 40 years with APD. Quinn went on to say, “What people call the worst areas is where we – me and my partner decided we needed to always be.” Velazquez chimed in, “We would go in uniform to the bluff.  If you’re from Atlanta, you know the bluff is the heroin capital of the state – it’s over there by the Georgia dome.  There’s murders, there’s robberies, it’s a very dangerous neighborhood. Drug Dealers, they want killers off the street too.  It’s bad for their business.” 

In Atlanta Homicide – Season II the true murder crime scenes are narrated by the detectives themselves.  Velazquez says, “It’s not that we want to be on TV – it’s not about us.  We are very much interested in sharing our experiences to help shape and change the perception of law enforcement.  We want people to see the show and know it’s who we are every day.”  Quinn simply says, “It’s real. We want to show people our process.  This is something that worked for us.” 

The partners have worked together for 15 years, and have an undeniable chemistry.  They work in tandem so well that they finish one another’s sentences. Velazquez commented, “If we can do it maybe we can inspire other police officers watching the show to change their behavior to connect with the community, cause that’s what this is all about.”  Quinn says of the series, “These are weekly training films for 21st-century law enforcement.”

The detectives have received feedback from season one of the television series that began summer of 2018.  Velazquez says, “A lot of the comments are that we wish we had police officers like you in Detroit.  We wish we had detectives like you in Wyoming or L.A. That’s a compliment.  Every opportunity is an opportunity to teach someone either a citizen or a police officer.  Let’s all take a breath and try to connect.”

ATL Homicide is produced for TV One by Wide Net Productions and Jupiter Entertainment.  ATL HOMICIDE viewers can stay connected on social media via TV One’s Twitter, Instagram and Facebook (@tvonetv) using the hashtag #ATLHOMICIDE.

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